Good Health through Prevention

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Eliminating the basis of disease by bringing life into accord with Natural Law through balanced daily and seasonal routines, individualized diet, and development of higher states of consciousness

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This course is being organized by our Health Department. Please go to and follow the instructions there.

The purpose of this course is to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to prevent ill health by bringing all areas of life into harmony with Natural Law. Topics of the course include the following: self-referral consciousness as the basis for prevention of disease; complete metabolism of experience for prevention of illness; maintaining balance in the physiology for prevention; importance of good digestion and metabolism for prevention; importance of balanced diet for prevention; maintaining harmony between the individual and the universe through healthy daily and seasonal routines; Maharishi Jyotish and Maharishi Yagya for prevention of future imbalances; behavior that supports prevention by upholding the evolutionary and nourishing qualities of Natural Law; strengthening the immune system; reversing the aging process; preventing collective health problems for the nation and the world.

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16 lessons, taught from detailed charts — approx. 1 hour each — 201 Charts


English (online), French (online), German (online), Dutch (online), Turkish (online), Arabic (online), Italian (online), Danish (online), Spanish (online), Russian (online)


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