Diet, Digestion, and Nutrition

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Selecting diet on the basis of the individual physiology and the season; promoting optimal nourishment and health through balanced digestion

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This course is being organized by our Health Department. Please go to and follow the instructions there.

This course provides profound principles and practical knowledge of how to promote good health through proper diet, digestion, and nutrition. Topics of the course include the following: factors to consider in dietetics; the nature of food and its inherent qualities; processing of food; combination of foods; quantity of food; the relation of the environment to the processing and suitability of food; the relation of circadian and seasonal rhythms, and age and state of health, to dietetics; rules for the intake of food; physiology of digestion and metabolism; balance and imbalance of digestion and metabolism and their correction.

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16 lessons, taught from detailed charts — approx. 1 hour each — 201 Charts


English (online), German (online), Dutch (online), Turkish (online), Arabic (online), Italian (online), Danish (online), Spanish (online), French (online), Serbian (online)


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